segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012

Girl birthday party - the result!

Aqui ficam as fotografias da festinha da minha sobrinha. O conceito girava à volta do cor-de-rosa (cor principal) e do cinzento claro e das bolinhas. O espaço era bastante amplo por isso tentei tirar fotografias mais focadas nos pormenores, aqui fica:

Here are the photos of my niece's birthday party. The idea was to create an environment with pink (main colour) and grey, with polkadots. 

sign on the main entrance so that people would know this was the right house

paper flower and white paper ball hanged with a grey polka dot thread

I design some signs where people would eat, play ground, photos, wc, etc.
view from one of the tables

another table

sign made by my sister to indicate where the party was

those white paper balls were later lightened by a solar system

I printed lots of patterns to personalize these glasses, here are some samples

her own individual set

"Parabéns Joana" (Happy Birthday Joana) sign on the door
(click the pictures so they appear bigger)

What do you think??
The most important thing is that my niece really enjoyed her little party! :)

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