segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013


Hoje trago-vos os DIY que fiz para a passagem de ano:
Here are some DIY projects I did for my New Year's Eve:
"Countdown" basket with little bags with smarties/raisins saying "Happy New Year!"
Ferrero Rocher near the champagne bottles: 


Hangover Kit:
(1 aspirin, 1 pack of cookies, 4 mints, 1 bottle of water)
 Champagne, basket and drink tags:
(the champagne bottle was personalized for Marta because she's a true champgne lover!!)
Keeping the beer cold:
Some of the items to dress:
(this was a surprise from another friend and me to the others)
"Happy New Year":
"Dancing" sign:
Some funny words spread across the room:
Drink tags:
O objectivo era personalizar um bocadinho a festa e tornar o ambiente de festa mais divertido,
o que é que acharam?
My goal was to personalize a little bit the party and to create a fun party environment,
what do you think?
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  1. Adorei as sugestões! Especialmente as etiquetas para os copos, dão muito jeito!


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